Hesperia USD

Eric Swanson, Board President; David McLaughlin, Superintendent; Jovy Yankaskas, Assistant Superintendent; Robert McCollum, Director Secondary Education; Valerie Turpen, Director Elementary Education; Jason Kleber, Teacher

Priority 21 in the Hesperia Unified School District is a calibrated model to implement the Common Core State Standards. To deliberately transform the educational process, the Board’s vision and leadership guided teachers and administrators on a collaborative and innovative journey to navigate educational policy changes for 21st century learning. The district had the opportunity to embrace change through professional learning communities and the portal of 4Cs learning: communicate effectively, collaborate well with others, critically think to solve problems, and creatively apply learning to new situations. As a result, each student receives a high quality education through real world authentic learning experiences. When students accept their diploma upon graduation, they walk with the assurance that they are well prepared for success in college, careers, and civic life.