Palos Verdes Peninsula USD

Larry Vanden Bos, Board President; Don Austin, Superintendent; Mitzi Cress, Principal; Christine Lopez, Counselor; Season Pollock, Activities Director; Heather Myrick, Rebecka Dibble, Loretta Alvillar and Logan Tootell, Teachers; Stephanie Scott, Associate Principal

The Leadership program at Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District provides opportunities for students in grades 9-12, to contribute to a positive school climate and develop lifelong leadership skills through a diverse range of campus and community involvement. Since the program was established, student participation across the five strands has increased to 450 students. Just as importantly, the collective efforts of all the Leadership Department students have contributed to measurable improvements in school climate and decreased referrals for stress-related issues. The department has increased student awareness of the larger idea of giving back and sets the stage for lifelong contributions.