Walnut Vallery USD

Helen Hall, Board President; Robert Taylor, Superintendent; Mary Wendland, Principal; Laura O’Donnell, Elementary Learning Specialist; Erica Robledo, Counselor; Mindy Martin,Title I Specialist; Juanita Wright, Specialized Academic Instruction Teacher; Vienna Taylor, Psychologist

The staff at Collegewood Elementary has developed and conducted a schoolwide approach to intervention for students which emphasizes student–staff relationships and social-emotional learning. General and special education teachers, school counselors and instructional aides meet in teams to analyze student data. Team members are provided monthly articulation time to determine the causes of academic and/or behavioral deficiency, and plan intervention. Intervention is not limited to academic mastery of grade level skills but also includes integrated and designated language support and behavioral support that includes direct teaching of specific strategies that support social-emotional learning. This schoolwide approach to intervention is significant because it integrates social-emotional learning and includes all students rather than confining students to services under the umbrellas of English learner, special education and Title I. This inclusive model promotes collaboration and commitment from the collective school team to address the academic, social and emotional needs of all students.