Chaffey Joint Union HSD

John Rhinehart, Board President; Mathew Holton, Superintendent; Christina Martinez, Principal; Dave Masterson, Visual and Performing Arts Chairperson; Brian Barnhart and Aaron Anderson, Drama Teachers; Chris King, Senior Theatre Technician; Lisa Granados, Box Office Manager

The study of fine arts positively impacts students while it simultaneously celebrates and creates culture in their community. It can reach students who otherwise do not have a connection to school and it gives them a reason to become passionately involved in school. One of our school district’s most effective and spectacular programs is the Chaffey Theatre Company. It has long been recognized as one of the elite thespian troupes in Southern California as it has been selected to be the first high school troupe to be allowed to premiere top-flight shows by multiple prestigious production companies such as Disney, Roald Dahl’s Estate and Andrew Lloyd Webber. The excellence of the Chaffey Theatre Company has not been a secret in the local community as more than 304,000 people have attended the campus-produced shows since 1997.