Clovia USD

Christopher Casado, Board President; Eimear O’Farrell, Superintendent; Chrissy Prandini Wilken, Danny Munster, Oracio Moreno, Thea Tan, Kevin Miller, Greg Connor and Ryan Gutierrez, Transition Coordinators

The Clovis USD Transition Program was developed out of a need to support historically under-resourced and underachieving student groups. The Local Control and Accountability Plan process enabled this program’s development to evolve since its inception in 2014 with the input of parents, students, staff and community partners. The community recognized the students’ struggles during the transition between elementary, intermediate and high school, and sought to increase the overall success of these students, avoid drop-outs and/or chronic absenteeism, improve home-to-school communication and connections, and increase graduation rates among the focus groups identified in the LCAP. This program has evolved each year and now includes trauma-informed practices, academic support and social-emotional support for students, families and staff.