Anaheim Union HSD

Brian O’Neal, Board President; Michael Matsuda, Superintendent; Jaron Fried, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services; Manuel Colon, Chief Academic Officer, Educational Services; Renae Bryant, Director, English Learner and Multilingual Services; Diana Fujimoto, English Learner Services Curriculum Specialist; Ferran Rodriguez-Valls, Professor, California State University, Fullerton; Roxanna Hernandez, Assistant Principal Katella High School and Summer Language Academy Principal

The Anaheim Union HSD Dual Language Immersion program was created nine years ago and continues to be a part of the board’s vision and Local Control and Accountability Plan goals to increase language acquisition for English learners, biliteracy and college, career and life preparedness. Started in 2010, AUHSD currently offers DLI at five schools (Spanish at four sites, Vietnamese at one). The DLI program is the first of its kind in Orange County and among the first in California. It serves to ensure DLI students are biliterate and earn the state Seal of Biliteracy. The district has almost a decade of data on how thehighly sought after secondary DLI program has positively affected students and led to replication at other districts. The program meets the needs of the district’s students, families and community, as well as meeting the vision of the board and goals of the LCAP.