Orange USD

Alexia Deligianni-Brydges, Board President; Gunn Marie Hansen, Superintendent; Cathleen Corella, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services; Christina Lin, Executive Director, Information and Education Technology; Amber Tatch, English Learner Services; Sara Pelly, Principal; Misty Campos/Carol Beaumont, Dual Immersion Instructional Specialist/Resource Teacher; Mandarin Immersion Teachers; Fletcher Staff

The Fletcher Mandarin Immersion Program vision is “to maximize students’ second language proficiency, provide a rich academic environment in both first and second languages, develop students’ abilities to work successfully in multiple cultural settings, and offer a rich, culturally diverse experience for the entire school community.” While the focus of Fletcher’s Mandarin Immersion Program is for students to become fluent in Mandarin, staff is equally committed to building fluency in English for both English learners and English-only students, giving them the foundation for academic success. Instruction in English Language Development is crucial as students in both Mandarin and English classrooms are learning English as a second language. The program brings equity and access to a diverse population by providing all students with a learning environment rich in culture, and an opportunity for literacy, cultural proficiency and multilingualism.