Milpitas USD

Chris Norwood, Board President; Cheryl Jordan, Superintendent; Gregory Barnes and Gerry Lopez, Directors, Learning and Development; Lisa Masoud and Wendy Lundeen, Teachers

Milpitas USD has partnered with the Milpitas Library, YMCA and Health Trust to sponsor a number of Love4Literacy activities over the last two years aimed at creating academically equitable communities within the district. Events included pancake breakfasts, resource fairs, free educational field trips, summer camps and a 16-week “kindergarten experience” for non-school-aged children and their families. Each event aimed to develop educational skills and a love for literacy among the youngest readers, as well as to offer parents resources and parenting tips designed to foster their growing educational relationship with their children. The goal is for children to increase their reading exposure by 100 hours peryear for up to three years until they are at grade level. Family resources and outreach encouraged parents to consider shifting cultural norms toward fostering early vocabulary and literacy skills through the use of oral, traditional and digital literacy materials.