Penn Valley Union ESD

Robert Moen, Board President; Torie England, Superintendent; Melissa Conley and Christine McKeown, Principals; Hannah Nielson, Teacher and PVTA President; Jennifer Cross, TOSA Intervention Specialist

ME (Meaningful Enrichment) Time was designed to support all students with their academic, social-emotional and behavior needs. Through the use of various data points, students are grouped in blocks for six to eight weeks. Some students receive additional intervention supports, while others are pushed up to higher levels, allowing them to expand their learning and growth through enrichment. This program reserves sacred time out of each day and for all grade levels where every staff member is pushing into various groupings. Staff in a variety of specialized capacities, including Title 1 and special education, work with groups that may or may not be students who they would otherwise be identified to serve. The program’s ultimate goal is to have all students feel as if they are equal during this learning period. Data drives the learning cycles and teachers create the supports they see fit best for long-term academic growth.