Mountain View ESD

Christian Diaz, Board President; Lillian Maldonado French, Superintendent; Raymond Andry, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services; Angelica Sifuentes-Donoso, Director of Family Engagement; Martha Cabrera, District Community Liaison; Yolanda Moya, DELAC President Parent Leader

The Parent Leadership Academy empowers parents to be leaders in their schools, district and community, aligning to the board’s goal of engaging families in supporting student achievement. Partnering with California Association of Bilingual Educators Project 2Inspire, parents participate in three 16-week awareness, mastery and expert level courses. The academy is linked to student learning and connected to academic expectations, emphasizing how parents can become advocates for their children. Expert-level parents now lead and teach the awareness level classes to other parents throughout the district as Trainers of Trainers, creating a multiplier effect. Through the development of their knowledge, collaboration and leadership, parent leaders reach beyond their homes and schools, empowering other parents and significantly impacting their community as agents of change. Parents are now decision-makers at the school and district level. The Parent Leadership Academy has transformed parent involvement to active family engagement, significantly impacting student achievement.