San Bernadino City USD

Abigail Rosales Medina, Board President; Dale Marsden, Superintendent; Gwendolyn Rodgers, Board Vice President

State standards challenge all educators to be creative with planning, presenting and delivering instruction. Students must have multiple opportunities to explore their creativity, solve problems and use critical-thinking skills to analyze thoughts, ideas and concepts. The SBCUSD Demonstration Teacher Program was developed to build the capacity of all district educators as they work to effectively implement and teach the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards, providing students with innovative classroom experiences. Demonstration teachers offer a variety of resources to current and aspiring district teachers, including the open invitation to observe in innovative teachers’ classrooms, curriculum support with the development of lessons, implementation of performance tasks, or help with any component in the units of study, as well as videos of demonstration teachers at different grade levels and content areas, and innovative ideas for the fostering of communication and partnership among scholars. Demonstration teachers work to build teacher capacity through demonstration and collaboration.