Victor Valley Union HSD

Jose Berrios, Board President; Ron Williams, Superintendent; Valerie Hatcher, Principal; Summer Zimmerman and Joe Zimmerman, Teachers

Beginning with the second graduating class in the 2010–11 school year of University Preparatory in the Victor Valley Union HSD, all seniors are required to take a year-long course called Senior Transitions. It was determined that while the students were meeting the academic requirements for admission to a four-year university, they lacked the skills and resources necessary to prepare for the application process and life beyond high school. The Senior Transitions Instructional Team, managed and developed by administrators, counselors, parent liaison, support staff and teachers, worked together to create a uniform curriculum. The goal continues to ensure that all seniors are equipped with the skills necessary for a successful post-secondary journey. The course integrates college and career readiness, life skills, financial literacy, and compassionate community service learning. As a grade seven–12 school, this unique course is proving to be a constant victory for its seniors.