Magnolia ESD

Nathan Zug, Board President; Frank Donavan, Superintendent; Barbara Clendineng, Board Clerk; Barbara Quintana, Gary Shields and Esther Wallace, Board Trustees

The Magnolia ESD Summer L2 Academy provides upper-grade English learners with five extra weeks of high-quality, targeted instruction in language and literacy. Each year, hundreds of students districtwide are identified and invited to participate based upon language proficiency. The program is designed for students who have been identified as “Long-Term English Learners” — those who have remained at the same level of proficiency on the California English language assessments for two or more years. These students often have strong conversational English skills, but struggle with the higher-level academic language, reading and writing skills necessary to attain true fluency in English. During the MSD Summer L2 Academy, hundreds of English learners develop higher levels of academic English through active participation in rigorous, interactive and fun units that integrate science, social studies and technology. This program has made a real difference for English learners in Magnolia School District.