Walnut Valley USD

Helen Hall, Board President; Robert Taylor, Superintendent; Kelly Morris, Principal; Kim McNeil, Elementary Learning Specialist; Shayleen Ojeda, Intervention Teacher; Sara Yi and Lily Hsu, Bilingual Aides; Lorena Chavez, School Counselor

Three years ago, the Maple Hill team created a schoolwide focus that was steadfast on closing the “opportunity gap” that had manifested itself throughout the years between the school’s unduplicated student group and their student counterparts. The focus was intended to remove barriers that were promoting disparity among students and ensure equity by better tending to the diverse strengths and challenges of the students through the services and resources that are extended to them. Using the district’s Local Control and Accountability Plan as a guiding instrument, the “Clubhouse” was conceived. The “Clubhouse” is a safe haven for unduplicated and struggling students to come and receive new and improved Tier 2 academic, behavioral and social supports. The inception and sustainability of the “Clubhouse” has been made possible by the provisions outlined in the LCAP. The “Clubhouse” is a cohesive and integrated platform that is rooted in providing equitable access to all of Maple Hill’s students.