Glendale USD

Jennifer Freemon, Board President; Vivian Ekchian, Superintendent; Armina Gharpetian, Board Vice President; Shant Sahakian, Board Clerk; Nayiri Nahabedian and Greg Krikorian, Board Members

The intent and primary purpose of the Foreign Language Academies of Glendale program is to prepare students for a global society, one that recognizes borderless opportunities whether in country or out of country. The program emphasizes bilingualism and biliteracy, academic achievement and multiculturalism. By achieving content knowledge through English and another language, students understand how to see from different perspectives and how to express ideas through the language tool boxes to which they have access. They develop pride in their dual identities as they learn about their heritage, as well as develop empathy for those of diverse backgrounds and cultures as they learn about the culture(s) of the target language through the program. The United States is a tapestry of many languages and cultures. The FLAG program provides a strong foundation for working within this tapestry no matter what pursuits students may have.