Richard Vladovic, Board President; Austin Beutner, Superintendent; Pia Escudero, Executive Director Student Health and Human Services; Alicia Garoupa, Administrator Student Health and Human Services; Ron Tanimura, Director Student Medical Services; Joel Cisneros, Director School Mental Health; Maryjane Puffer, Executive Director the L.A. Trust for Children’s Health; David Manzo, Principal Gage Middle School

The Wellness Centers Program designs, builds and maintains on-campus health clinics called wellness centers. These centers differ from traditional school-based health service models in four important ways. First, they serve the entire community, including students from nearby schools, families and community members. Second, they focus on prevention, education and early intervention. Third, they provide comprehensive services (i.e., some combination of medical, mental health, dental and vision). Fourth, they contain a student empowerment component, whereby students are supported in leading campaigns that promote healthy decisions. The comprehensive nature of the services provided, type of care offered and individuals served enables the centers to address root causes and create healthier environments. Services are provided by local health agencies that partner with LAUSD. District staff also provide services at some centers. To date, 15 wellness centers have been established in LAUSD, and 11 more will be built in the coming years.