Oak Grove ESD

John Mackey, Board President; Jose L. Manzo, Superintendent; Oak Grove ESD Board of Trustees; Sobrato Family Foundation; Laurie Olsen, Strategic Advisor, Sobrato Early Academic Language; Anya Hurwitz, Executive Director, SEAL; SEAL teachers and coaches

SEAL is a comprehensive model of language skills and rich academic vocabulary development through science and social studies units addressing the Common Core State Standards. Currently, it is implemented TK-3 in seven Oak Grove ESD schools, both in structured English Immersion classrooms and dual language classrooms. Three schools implement in grades TK-5 and two schools in TK-6. The model uses high-quality literature and instructional materials. SEAL also supports parents to develop language and literacy practices with their children at home and in the classroom. The model provides professional development to teachers and administrators in coaching, collaborative planning and reflection. For young English learners, the model creates learning conditions that build language skills necessary to succeed in the academic world and the world at large. For all students, the SEAL classroom brings to life the rigor, relevance and learner engagement of the English Language Arts/English Language Development Framework and the new CA ELD standards.